Solar Power Systems

At Powertronic our frontline people, electrical engineers and electricians make the process hassle-free from the minute you contact us to get a solar system installed until the system becomes operational.

We only offer the best and well designed products. There are many approved cheap solar panels and inverters that will not live up to the promises they give you.

We manage the entire process and we work with you to ensure that you install the right system for your needs.

Whether you are after a grid-connected solar system or standalone (off-grid) solar system, talk to us first and save yourselves a lot of hassles.

A Powertronic professional will discuss with you your electrical needs and provide you with PV system design and specifications. Our representative will undertake with you a hassle-free process:

  • Conduct a load analysis of the power load on your home to work out the best solar array which suits your needs
  • Determine average daily/yearly energy use based from your electricity bills
  • Determine the size of the PV grid connected system you need mindful of your budget and available roof space
  • Select the appropriate approved solar panels, inverters and associated support structure and wiring
  • Provide you with a professional report and a quote
  • Any required upgrade or repair of your existing electrical wiring
  • Discuss electrical safety in your home and premises
  • Provide all work to be done in writing and with a written contract.

Our customers receive a Photovoltaic System manual that includes as-built designs, warranty information, maintenance instructions, all product specifications. Our Customer Service and support department will always be available to support your system’s operation, answer any of your concerns, and monitor your system’s performance throughout the warranty period.

Below is the 10-points roadmap to installing your solar power array and start saving.

The following Steps are indicative of the electrical systems engineering process we have established and has worked successfully. The business case for installing solar on your house or your business premises is a strategic and smart decision to insulate you for escalating electricity prices year after year- for more details refer to the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal:

  1. Call us on 02 9481 9292/02 9681 4443 or Email us: for no obligation free site survey. The system must be engineered to your site and your electricity consumption requirements.
  2. We assess the site for best locations, take photos and measurements for maximum solar access
  3. Analyse your electricity bills to determine the size of the solar system you need in consultation with you
  4. sign the Agreement and book an installation date
  5. If you agreed to sign over the government rebate you get as Small Technology Certificates (STC), then this is deducted from the total price and would be shown on the signed Agreement. Solar Credits as STCs provide financial support to home owners, businesses and community groups that install small scale renewable energy generation units, such as rooftop solar arrays. For more comprehensive details regarding STCs refer to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency:
  6. Before installation occurs, we provide you with design details including expected energy yield for the whole year on a month by month basis together with all data sheets and full documentation pack.
  7. We get our own trained Level 2 Authorised Service Provider to install your solar meter and test the system
  8. Our Electrical Engineer visits the site again for final inspection
  9. All design documentation, Certificates and warranties are provided in a booklet for you to keep
  10. We lodge all required paperwork with the Supply Authority. Your System is energised and clean electricity is generated for your use. Any excess electricity is automatically exported to the grid and paid for by your electricity retailer. You need to contact your electricity retailer for details as each pays different rates.

For systems larger than 20kW and for standalone solar power systems we follow a well established systems engineering process used on successful military projects to ensure successful execution of the project with full design documentations, test and integration.

Powertronic offers engineered solutions for a wide range of solar power applications from on the grid backup power to standalone power systems with batteries and generator backup to solar water pumps in remote areas to telecommunication repeater stations. Whatever your power requirements needs are, talk to our Powertronic Electrical Engineers to start the process.

Solar photovoltaic pumping is the best solution to provide continuous water supplies to any location where there is no electricity supply. There are Numerous applications such as providing clean drinking water for domestic use or for remote villages, dairy farms, agricultural or rural applications.